Client Love!

Happy to share about my experience with Lisa.

I started working with her in 2017, but very suspiciously! Previously, I had negative experiences with accountants who were a letdown/unethical/overpromised.

I told Lisa I was unsure about making such a huge commitment and if we could create a modified 90-day agreement. I really wanted to make sure I had an escape hatch if she didn’t work! At that time, I continued to work with my 2 other accountants (one who was in what would double in what was Lisa’s role, and another who does taxes).

It became clear by the end of 90 days that my non-tax accountant was completely negligent. Lisa gave me extremely helpful information, revealed serious errors, and highlighted areas of opportunity. My tax accountant verified everything she said! By the end of 90 days, I was ready to commit to Lisa on her premium plan.

Then 2018 happened and I followed through on a $30,000 expansion into a new space (something I tentatively planned before I started working with Lisa, but let her know would be happening as we started to work together).

I went into 2018 with serious staffing issues and serious stress. But Lisa identified vulnerabilities in January 2018 and gave me a 6-month roadmap to succeed. As the year went on, and when things were at their worst, we were actually ok. We then survived the year and went on to thrive in 2019.

In 2019 I spontaneously gave Lisa a raise (without her asking) because I was so pleased with the results.

Today, I have an amazing relationship with her and she continues to help me strategize around finances and business operations. She’s never given me advice I haven’t asked for. She’s been a great judge of risks and concerns. She’s like a CFO in my C-Suite who always has my back. She also provides the right kind of support when there are curveballs and unexpected business problems.

Sarah Suzuki

I’ve worked with her Pay Me First for about 2 years now.  And for me, it has absolutely paid for itself. Here’s why – in the 2 years, I have started a W2 model, created CEU reimbursement fund, and had money set aside for taxes and larger bills like malpractice without any last-minute scrambles. Mostly I now have a greater understanding of how to have my money work for me. 

I had tried on my own to set up a profit first system but wasn’t consistent or really understood the model very well. Regular meetings with Lisa kept me on track and over time I got the drill. I am now reducing to a less intense system with her because I feel ready. I can sustain what we set up.

Finally, you don’t know me but on the whole, I think I am pretty good with systems and money. I also don’t like others to know my business and I am not very trusting with my money to anyone but me. Giving her account numbers about choked me. But, in all my 30 years of private practice, taxes ALWAYS stressed me out!! I could never figure out what was gonna be owed and have it on the ready. For the last two years, I paid early, stress-free, cuz the money was there. That all by itself was gold. Unexplainable relief. And due to some personal/family issues when I started with her I was way, way in a financial hole. She kindly listened to me cry, full sob story, no judgment, while I was so embarrassed and overwhelmed. She repeatedly assured me we could fix it and we did. In a few months, I was out of the hole and more stabilized than prior. Now cash flow and use is predictable. I wish I had done that sooner.

She is also a southern lady so I enjoy her talk because so it’s different than Ohio folks.

Cymbria Hess

I have so many wonderful things to say. I began working with her in 2018 (or 2019?), either way, it has been well over 3 years. She took my business from the ground up to us hitting 1M in gross revenue last year and probably to about 1.5M this year. Her system of working with me every other week to see my money flow, help allocate future funds, and so forth is exactly how I needed my business to be set up. It also helped me get my personal finances in line and I have been able to retire my husband, pay off my high-figure student loan, and buy a second home. I feel like Lisa has been a HUGE part of this ability and journey to my success. She is no-nonsense but also is realistic with how I can achieve my money goals. She is always on time and communicates very well if that isn’t the case. She has been with me through some horrible hires and fires and has supported me 100%. She has worked with my CPA and financial advisor as well as needed to make sure what we were doing with my money was exactly what we needed. She also uses Profit First (I highly recommend reading that book).

As for the monthly fee – she is worth her weight in gold. I probably pay a little less than you since I have been with her for a while. She just raised my rate and I thanked her for doing so because she needed to! When I was first asking all of these questions one person I talked to said she gave Lisa her own raise to $1000/mo because she was just that wonderful at getting her money in order (that was many years ago). So I know it’s a lot…but I have also found that the more strategic money I have placed into my business the more I have reaped the benefit of in the long term. Now she helps me budget for it and it is just a blip in my monthly budget.

Erika Frieze

Sassy Money Mastermind Clients

I had a unique experience of starting with her from the very beginning and making sure that all of my finances were set up in the appropriate way to really set me up for success.

I was recommended to her by a colleague in my field who had had a similar very positive experience with her. So, I jumped right into the idea of working with her. And I haven’t looked back since.

So since early 2018, I have grown in a lot of different ways. I’ve hired more staff, I have expanded, so where I started in my physical location of the practice has gone from one unit to two. And I’m planning to expand again when the time is right. In that time, I’ve also taken a five-month maternity leave. I’ve been able to pay myself more and more and more every time, thank goodness.

Thanks to Lisa’s support and help, I feel very confident in my business’s overall health. And a big part of that is because of the guidance that I have with Lisa. I meet with her regularly, she’s always available for me to contact whenever I have questions about money, whether it’s you know, making some sort of an investment or how to spend or how to pay off bills, or how to pay myself and things like that. And she’s always available for me and always makes it feel like I have a partner and all of this, which for me is a really big help.

Thankfully, with her support, I’ve been able to really thrive. I would say that the investment of working with her is totally worth it. I think that if I hadn’t made these decisions, I myself personally, I might not be in as good of a financial place that I’m in right now due to my business being so well with her support.

 So, if you’re considering it, I think it’s a great investment to make not only in your business, but whatever your business does that falls into your personal life. And so for that reason, I think it’s a really great investment.

Before I began my journey with Lisa, the importance of financial management was clear to me, yet the task of weaving it into a strategic plan was daunting. My mindset was clouded by uncertainty, feeling vulnerable to every financial ebb and flow. This sense of being at the mercy of unpredictable fluctuations made financial management an intimidating prospect.

Fast forward to today, and the transformation is remarkable. Lisa has equipped me with a strategic plan and reshaped my money mindset. I no longer fear numbers; instead, I find excitement in analyzing figures, spotting trends, and forecasting the financial future of my business. Money management has become an empowering aspect of my business rather than a stressor.

Lisa’s guidance has truly made me the confident, informed leader I envisioned myself to be. Thanks to her, I am now at the helm of my financial journey, navigating with clarity and certainty. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!

When I started working with Lisa I was scared of nearly everything money! Like for real. Just thinking about bills made me sick to my stomach. Anytime there was a power outage I was convinced I’d forgotten to pay the bill (even though I knew that was not true!) Every time I went to swipe my card I had a mini panic attack (no matter how much money I knew was in the bank!) I was slightly better with the business finances but my philosophy was “it’ll all work out.” I was dealing with so much scarcity and trauma around money that it was literally more than I could handle.

So many things were helpful, but I think having someone to look at the numbers with me, without shaming me, was huge. Also the journaling prompts really helped me to get clear on what my mindset was and how I got there. 

Just starting my own business always felt like a huge undertaking and it was all I could do to just survive it! Now, I’m working on expanding to a group practice! Yes, it’s still terrifying and some days it’s more than I can do alone. But I have tools and skills that I didn’t have before. I’m finally allowing myself to dream bigger than I ever thought I could.

I started working with Lisa and initially it was just a lot of, you know, kind of drilling down and putting some really good systems in place, understanding more about my numbers, being able to make better decisions about our business spending. And it made a huge difference.

In the last few years, [since working with Lisa], we went from just a few employees and one location to now having three locations and I have 18 employees working for me. And it’s just been a game changer, for sure. There’s no other way to put it. I feel very confident in my business’s financial picture, I feel secure in the decisions that I’m making.

I don’t think that I would be here if I hadn’t started working with Lisa. I’m really looking forward to our relationship continuing. She and I have a very collaborative relationship. And she holds me really accountable. This is not just like having someone do everything for you, this is a relationship where we are collaborating and we are having discussions about numbers and about budgeting and where I’m putting my money and she holds me accountable for that. But she’s also by far one of my biggest cheerleaders so I’m definitely looking forward to our relationship continuing and for my business to continue to grow.

One of my favorite things about working with Lisa is that I never felt like I had to be ashamed or embarrassed. She really met me where I was at from a place of deep understanding, and really took me from a place of being afraid to even look at my bank accounts to now knowing where everything is, what’s coming in, what’s going out, and feeling a lot more stable and in control of my money – which has made a world of difference for me.

Lisa also really helps you to break things down and look at them in bite sized chunks so it’s not so overwhelming. Just having her expertise and her support on my side has just meant the world to me.

She’s wonderful to work with, she really cares about her clients. She’s very accessible, she’s very hands on. And you know, it has just really taken my business to the next level and allowed me to relax a lot more. I just feel like I can focus on the things that I’m really good at because she is really good at finances, and I’ve got her on my side.

I highly recommend working with Lisa. It’s been a complete game changer for me not just in my business, but in my own journey with my money story and how I relate to money and how I look at finances. I feel so much more empowered and informed and in control, rather than just like I’m putting out fires all the time.

I am thrilled to write a glowing review of Lisa Robinson, the incredible Sassy Wealth Coach with whom I have had the privilege of working since December 2019. In just a short period of time, Lisa has completely transformed not only my life but also the lives of my family members. Her expertise, insightful sessions, and innovative money management techniques have had a profound impact on our financial well-being.

From the very first session with Lisa, it was evident that she possesses a deep understanding of personal finance and an uncanny ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and relatable manner. Her passion for empowering individuals to take control of their finances is infectious, and it immediately resonated with me. I was captivated by her wealth of knowledge and her genuine desire to see her clients succeed.

Under Lisa’s guidance, I was able to tackle the daunting challenge of paying off my high six-figure student loans. Her practical strategies and tailored approach to debt reduction provided me with a clear roadmap to financial freedom. Lisa’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout the process kept me motivated, even during the most challenging moments. Today, I can proudly say that my student loans are completely paid off, thanks to her invaluable guidance.

One of the most remarkable achievements I credit to Lisa is the successful retirement of my husband. Through her expert financial planning, she helped us navigate the complexities of retirement savings and investments. Lisa’s strategic advice and personalized recommendations ensured that we made sound decisions that aligned with our long-term goals. As a result, my husband was able to retire comfortably and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Beyond her wealth coaching sessions, Lisa has instilled in me and my family a newfound sense of money consciousness. She has imparted practical wisdom and tools that have positively influenced our financial habits both personally and professionally. From budgeting techniques to investment strategies, Lisa’s insights have armed us with the knowledge and confidence to make wise financial decisions for the rest of our lives.

Lisa’s dedication to her clients goes far beyond the coaching sessions. She is responsive, reliable, and always willing to provide guidance whenever needed. Her genuine care for her clients’ success is evident in the extra mile she goes to ensure their financial well-being. It is this exceptional level of commitment and personalized attention that sets her apart from others in her field.

In summary, working with Lisa Robinson, the Sassy Wealth Coach, has been an absolute game-changer for me and my family. Her sessions have been enlightening, her knowledge is unmatched, and her money management techniques are transformative. Thanks to Lisa, we have conquered our student loans, achieved retirement for my husband, and developed a lifelong commitment to financial consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa Robinson to anyone seeking a remarkable wealth coach who will change their lives for the better.


Basically, I have struggled my whole life with managing my money effectively and well. As a single mom with 3 girls, I worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet plus I did university part-time and became a fitness instructor. It seems my whole life has been living pay cheque to pay cheque. It’s a hard cycle to break. I had gone without for a long time so once the girls left home I bought myself all those things I thought I had missed. So I kept up the cycle for stuff…. Silly really. So I continued living pay to pay. I declared bankruptcy in March 2016 after I fell and broke my hip.

In 2019 I moved into a small condo. The problem was I was spending most of my money on rent and expenses around it.

Then I started following Lisa. I implemented the things I could. She got me to the point of asking did I need a home or did I want to travel? I decided I would give up the condo and look for a room to rent. That alone would drop my monthly expenses to 1/3 of what they were. So in 2022 I sold everything and moved in with a lovely family and just rented a room.

I had a goal to spend 6 months in Mexico from November 1 to the end of April. I found a place there and scrimped and saved to pay the 6 months rent by the beginning of July.

It all went as planned and I left to become a “Snowbird” finally.

Having paid the rent in advance I was able to take a couple of trips while there, one was to Acapulco for 5 days, become a temporary resident, get a nose stone and a self-designed tattoo. I managed to save $3000 while I was there and I had a lunch date every second week.

I am living the dream.

I deal with 3 different banks, am saving about $1000/ month, and put a consistent amount to pay my credit card down. I am working toward a zero balance.

I have a monthly budget. I do have an emergency savings fund and I’ve used it for unexpected dental work. I decided against buying a car that would sit unused for 6 months of the year. I’m learning how the local bus system works and ride my bike when I can. It’s better for me anyway.

All in all Lisa’s plan works and I have already paid for half of next winter’s casita in Mexico. 

Thank you, Lisa.


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