Money Mindset Mini-Course

Start Working on Your Sassy And Sexy Money Mindset!

Break free from the never ending merry-go-round patterns with your finances that keep you stuck and unable to reach your goals. 

Did you know that most entrepreneurs find themselves month after month repeating the same money management patterns? Most entrepreneurs wish they knew how to break free from this cycle to reach their business and personal finance goals.

It all starts with your Money Mindset! 

Your money mindset can either help you succeed or push you down into self sabotaging.

The way you think about money both consciously and subconsciously is your mindset toward money. Your money mindset influences your financial actions or inaction like generating and keeping money.

The good news is you can also change your relationship with money by changing your money story and your beliefs about money!

Introducing…. Money Mindset Mini-Course

This mini-course was created to help you take the steps needed to transform your money mindset in a simple, digestible format (i.e. you can do this WITHOUT the overwhelm!).

Let’s create a breakthrough in your money mindset so that you can start to feel sassy and sexy with your numbers!

With this mini-course, you will:


Identify your money story


Define + REFRAME your current money beliefs


Create your new story

So that you no longer have to:


Stay stuck in past money stories that you’ve told yourself for years


Stay stuck in money beliefs you were taught that you must believe to be true


Feel overwhelmed or upset when thinking about reaching your money goals

Imagine feeling EMPOWERED and IN CONTROL of your money

After my clients started using these practices I’ve outlined my mini-course, this is EXACTLY how they feel. I can tell you it is 100% possible to feel CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED & BOLD about your finances.


You will receive:


A money mindset training video (or audio if preferred)


An accompanying deep-dive workbook

All of this is valued at $197 BUT…I want you to start today. I want to see your business grow and I want you to feel EMPOWERED, so I am offering all of this information and support to you for only $97!

Over the past 6 years I have dedicated my business to helping female entrepreneurs take control of their finances and learn to stand on their own two feet (whether they need to or not).

I have worked hard to make sure that this actionable mini-course will truly help you transform your money mindset!

This is for you if you are READY TO TAKE ACTION and make a change in your money mindset.

You’re ready to take your head out of the sand and start feeling confident in your financial decisions.

You might be wondering who I am and why I am qualified to help you with your money!

A little bit about me:

I love numbers so you don’t have to!

If you’re anything like me, you started your business to do what you LOVE, but end up focused on all the things you aren’t great at… You wanted to create balance in the world and serve powerfully, not spend all your time trying to balance your books!

That’s where I come into play. Y’all, I LOVE numbers. I’m Lisa Marie and I am the Sassy Wealth Coach. My passion is helping women entrepreneurs stand on their own two feet (whether they “need to” or not) and showing them how to properly manage their money so that they can accomplish their hopes and dreams for their business and life.

A little about me: I am from South Carolina. I love warm weather; cold weather is so NOT my thing. Give me a glass of sweet tea on the front porch on a summer day, my kids playing in the front yard and I’m peachy keen. But it wasn’t always this way.

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon… quite the opposite. Between the addiction, theft and violence, my childhood read more like a survival guide than a Disney movie… maybe you can relate. Women like us know what it is to have to fight for everything we have… and we must. We are determined to show ourselves what is possible, as well as our kids (two girls for me, and I’m the proud mom of 2 SpEd kiddos.)

That’s why I started the Sassy Wealth Coach; I wanted to turn all of the pain and trauma I experienced into prosperity and purpose. I knew the pain had a purpose, so I ditched the victim mentality and created the life I KNEW I deserved. And I help other women do the same by teaching them how to use their numbers in the best way so they feel empowered and in control… so you can make mindful decisions and see the growth in your life and business that you’re looking for! And after 20 years in professional accounting, girl I know numbers!

I’m here to help you say GOODBYE to chaos and HELLO to sassy and sexy numbers! Life is unpredictable as is…Your profits shouldn’t be!