1:1 Wealth Coaching + CFO Partnership

A 12-Month Personalized Wealth Creation, Retention, and Expansion (CREW)

Program for serviced-based, female entrepreneurs.

Master your money and mindset, claim your financial crown, and create your wildly profitable business

I see you – actively working on healing and expansion, working on managing your money with intention, and incorporating mindset work into your business.

You know down to the cents how much money your business brings in and you’re celebrating five-figure months in revenue with ease, but when it comes to your financial health (i.e. having a pulse on what’s coming in vs. going out), you find yourself in a state of uncertainty, unsure if you’re truly on the path to long-term, sustainable wealth.

Sound familiar?

Now, allow yourself to dream with me for a moment.


It’s a beautiful morning, and you wake up feeling energized and excited, reflecting on how far you’ve come in your business and your relationship with money.

You open your laptop and you are actually excited to review your financial dashboard. You celebrate the steady growth of your income, the healthy balance in your savings account, and the investments you’ve made in your future. You feel a deep sense of financial clarity and confidence, knowing that every penny is accounted for and working towards your goals.

As you navigate through your day, you make financial decisions with ease. You confidently invest in your growth, your team, and your vision, knowing that each choice is aligned with your values and purpose. Money flows to you effortlessly, and you have the freedom to focus on what truly matters – serving your clients, nurturing your relationships, and living a life of freedom.

You radiate success and fulfillment, attracting dream clients who value your expertise. Your business thrives, and you feel at ease knowing your financial foundation is strong, stable, and ever-growing

This is the reality that awaits you as a Wealth Queen – a life where you master your finances, mindset, and destiny.

Welcome to a space where true wealth extends beyond the numbers in your bank account – it’s about cultivating a holistic approach to success that encompasses the mind, body, and soul.

❝Working with Lisa has helped me in so many ways I never thought possible. When I started working with her, I was stressed about my finances I couldn’t stand to even look at my bills and accounts. I knew I needed help getting my finances straightened out, but what I didn’t realize was that working with Lisa would give me so much emotional support too. She is so encouraging, and literally the first person I felt I could fully open up to about my money drama. She is truly my Financial Fairy Godmother!❞

Amber Rochelle Huffer

❝Lisa is amazing! She knows her stuff and lives and breathes numbers. I am always so overwhelmed when I think about my business finances I love the fact that Lisa makes this easy!❞

Louise Hopkin

Home Organizer

❝I’ve been working with Lisa Robinson for almost two years and it has been beyond valuable – my finances are tight, cash flow is excellent, and I pay myself and my staff well. We are opening our third office in a week and my $$ anxiety has been super low because I was prepared.❞

Michelle Richardson

Art Owner, Mindful Soul Center for Wellbeing

Introducing: Your Roadmap to Holistic Wealth

In the CREW 1:1 Program, we focus on Creating, Retaining, and Expanding Wealth in alignment with your values and goals.

We will CREATE your wealth by focusing  on generating new sources of income, OR elevating your current sources and offerings, that are aligned with your unique skills, values, and purpose. By developing offers and diversifying your revenue streams, you’ll create a solid foundation for financial growth and stability.

We will RETAIN your wealth by  preserving and strengthening the wealth you’ve already created. By focusing on profitability, cash flow consistency, and healthy financial habits, you’ll ensure that your hard-earned money continues to work for you and support your long-term success.

We will EXPAND your wealth by focusing on leveraging your wealth to create even greater opportunities for growth and impact. By making strategic investments in your business, team, and personal development, you’ll be able to scale your success and create a legacy that extends far beyond yourself.

Every Roadmap looks different for each person and will be personalized to your unique needs and desires.

During our 12-month partnership, you will:


Shift your money mindset to feel empowered to confidently create, retain, and expand your wealth


Develop a deep understanding of your financial landscape and gain control over your numbers


Implement a flexible money management system that works for you, and grows with you, and your business


Receive money mindset coaching to create a positive, growth oriented relationship with money


Learn to manage your money effectively, ensuring a stable foundation for your success


Gain clarity on your goals and how to achieve them in the most effective way

As your coach, mentor, and financial partner, I will provide:

Mindset Guidance:

✨ Money mindset coaching to help you create a positive and empowering relationship with money

✨ Exercises in between calls to help you change or grow your money mindset and overcome any blocks

✨ UNLIMITED access to me through Voxer for ongoing support

Personalized & Customized Strategy:

✨ Expert guidance in planning for your goals and achieving them in the most effective way

✨ Hands-on guidance to properly pay yourself and prepare for taxes

✨ Analysis and strategy on your current finances and budget

✨ UNLIMITED access to me as your CFO to guide you through any financial questions that pop up


✨ Bi-monthly 1:1 coaching calls to analyze your expenses, income, and business growth

✨ A customized budget that outlines all areas of your finances and helps keep you organized

✨ Your personalized Sassy Money Roadmap to holistic wealth

✨ Complimentary access to a personalized money management system

*Investment starts at 30,000 for 12 months (or 2500 per month for 12 months)

Do you want coaching AND someone to do your books?

Let my team handle the bookkeeping part so you can focus on becoming the bada$$ wealth queen we both know you are.

Add on this service for only 15k more (or an additional $1250 per month for 12 months)

My team will:

✨Categorize all Income and Expenses

✨Add Vendors as needed and link them to expenses as needed

✨Reconcile Bank accounts, including Paypal, in the Software (up to 3)

✨Provide actionable, common-sensical, easy to navigate Monthly Reports, including Balance Statement and Profit & Loss Statement each month

✨ Monthly Financial Reviews of Monthly Reports, including Balance Statements & Profit and Loss Analysis

This program isn’t about learning budgeting and money management (though, that’s part of it).

This is about unleashing your full potential as a wealth queen.

In the CREW 1:1 Program, we dive deep into what I call the “5 Wealth Codes”, providing you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to create holistic wealth on your own terms:

1️⃣  Spiritual Wealth: Living in alignment with your deepest values and beliefs

2️⃣  Mental Wealth: Cultivating a wealth mindset and viewing the world with gratitude

3️⃣  Physical Wealth: Prioritizing your health as a critical investment in your success

4️⃣  Energetic Wealth: Aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to attract abundance

5️⃣  Financial Wealth: Mastering the ins and outs of your money and measuring your progress

By combining the power of the CREW Method (Create, Retain, Expand Wealth) with the 5 Wealth Codes, you’ll be able to transform your relationship with money and create a life of unapologetic wealth and profitability.

Are you ready to step into your Wealth Queen identity and claim the prosperity that’s rightfully yours?

What does the journey of this program look like?

Months 1-3: Data Collection Phase

During these months, we will take a deep dive into your business and your numbers, determine what’s working and what isn’t, and discuss what you want to expand on and where you want to pivot. We will determine your specific needs and create a plan from that. 

For example, if we notice that you’re struggling with money mindset, that may be the place we start. If you are someone who does not have a money roadmap, that’s where we are going to dive in first. This program is a custom fit to whatever your needs are so that you are able to create, retain, and expand wealth.  We start where you are at.

Months 4 and beyond: Refine & Implementation Phase

These months are for refining what has been implemented, figuring out what’s working and what’s not, and pivoting our plan until it’s just right. We want to ensure that everything becomes a well oiled machine and things are consistently growing and expanding in a way that supports you. 

We’ll go over taxes and make sure you are paying yourself enough and correctly. This is the time where I can really step into a CFO role for you and you’ll start to see positive changes in your numbers.

To ensure that you are completely supported, throughout the entire 12 months, you receive:

✔️ 2, 1:1 50-minute coaching calls per month

✔️ Unlimited access to me on Voxer

✔️ 1, “oh sh!t” 15 min call per month as needed

✔️ A customized budget that outlines all areas of your finances and helps keep you organized

✔️ A personalized Sassy Money Roadmap to holistic wealth

✔️ Complimentary access to a personalized money management system

*My clients typically work with me for longer than 12 months because they start seeing results!. They know that having an on-demand CFO in their pocket is exactly the piece they were missing in their business and it gives them the confidence to continue creating, retaining, and expanding their wealth.

My story: From Financial Chaos to Sassy Wealth Queen

As a fellow entrepreneur who has overcome financial chaos, I know firsthand that the path to wealth expansion and profitability is not always easy. But I also firmly believe that every woman has the innate power to create the life and business of her dreams.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself grappling with the challenges of managing my finances while trying to grow my business. I realized that true success required more than just hard work – it demanded a fundamental shift in my money mindset and a strategic approach to wealth creation.

Through years of self-discovery, education, and hands-on experience, I unlocked the secrets to aligning my spiritual, mental, physical, energetic, and financial wealth. And now, I’m passionate about guiding ambitious women like you on your own transformative journey to becoming a Wealth Queen.

The Missing Piece: Integrating Holistic Wealth Practices

Here’s what I’ve learned the hard way (so you don’t have to): In order to sustainably create, retain, and expand your wealth, you must embrace a holistic approach to wealth. This means going beyond traditional financial management and diving deep into the 5 wealth codes.

And this is why I created my signature, high-touch CREW 1:1 program. This is a complete, holistic program that will take your money from chaos to sassy and sexy in just 12 months.

This program is perfect for you if:


You're a driven female entrepreneur ready to scale your service-based business


You desire a supportive partnership to help you navigate the financial aspects of your business


You're committed to personal growth and embracing a holistic approach to wealth


You're ready to invest in yourself and your future success

This program is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a quick fix to your finances.

You have no desire to embrace a holistic approach to your finances.

You’re not open to trying new ideas or new processes to hone in on a personal financial system that expands your wealth.

You’re not willing to put in the work and commit to sustainably creating, retaining, and expanding your wealth.

If you’ve made it this far and are excited to create, retain, and expand your wealth,

I have a sense that this 1:1 is a perfect fit for you.

So, take the first step to a thriving, profitable business by submitting your application below. 

❝I am thrilled to write a glowing review of Lisa Robinson, the incredible Sassy Wealth Coach with whom I have had the privilege of working since December 2019. In just a short period of time, Lisa has completely transformed not only my life but also the lives of my family members. Her expertise, insightful sessions, and innovative money management techniques have had a profound impact on our financial well-being.

From the very first session with Lisa, it was evident that she possesses a deep understanding of personal finance and an uncanny ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and relatable manner. Her passion for empowering individuals to take control of their finances is infectious, and it immediately resonated with me. I was captivated by her wealth of knowledge and her genuine desire to see her clients succeed.

Under Lisa’s guidance, I was able to tackle the daunting challenge of paying off my high six-figure student loans. Her practical strategies and tailored approach to debt reduction provided me with a clear roadmap to financial freedom. Lisa’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout the process kept me motivated, even during the most challenging moments. Today, I can proudly say that my student loans are completely paid off, thanks to her invaluable guidance.

One of the most remarkable achievements I credit to Lisa is the successful retirement of my husband. Through her expert financial planning, she helped us navigate the complexities of retirement savings and investments. Lisa’s strategic advice and personalized recommendations ensured that we made sound decisions that aligned with our long-term goals. As a result, my husband was able to retire comfortably and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Beyond her wealth coaching sessions, Lisa has instilled in me and my family a newfound sense of money consciousness. She has imparted practical wisdom and tools that have positively influenced our financial habits both personally and professionally. From budgeting techniques to investment strategies, Lisa’s insights have armed us with the knowledge and confidence to make wise financial decisions for the rest of our lives.

Lisa’s dedication to her clients goes far beyond the coaching sessions. She is responsive, reliable, and always willing to provide guidance whenever needed. Her genuine care for her clients’ success is evident in the extra mile she goes to ensure their financial well-being. It is this exceptional level of commitment and personalized attention that sets her apart from others in her field.

In summary, working with Lisa Robinson, the Sassy Wealth Coach, has been an absolute game-changer for me and my family. Her sessions have been enlightening, her knowledge is unmatched, and her money management techniques are transformative. Thanks to Lisa, we have conquered our student loans, achieved retirement for my husband, and developed a lifelong commitment to financial consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa Robinson to anyone seeking a remarkable wealth coach who will change their lives for the better.❞


❝Basically, I have struggled my whole life with managing my money effectively and well. As a single mom with 3 girls, I worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet plus I did university part-time and became a fitness instructor. It seems my whole life has been living pay cheque to pay cheque. It’s a hard cycle to break. I had gone without for a long time so once the girls left home I bought myself all those things I thought I had missed. So I kept up the cycle for stuff…. Silly really. So I continued living pay to pay. I declared bankruptcy in March 2016 after I fell and broke my hip.

In 2019 I moved into a small condo. The problem was I was spending most of my money on rent and expenses around it.

Then I started following Lisa. I implemented the things I could. She got me to the point of asking did I need a home or did I want to travel? I decided I would give up the condo and look for a room to rent. That alone would drop my monthly expenses to 1/3 of what they were. So in 2022 I sold everything and moved in with a lovely family and just rented a room.

I had a goal to spend 6 months in Mexico from November 1 to the end of April. I found a place there and scrimped and saved to pay the 6 months rent by the beginning of July.

It all went as planned and I left to become a “Snowbird” finally.

Having paid the rent in advance I was able to take a couple of trips while there, one was to Acapulco for 5 days, become a temporary resident, get a nose stone and a self-designed tattoo. I managed to save $3000 while I was there and I had a lunch date every second week.

I am living the dream.

I deal with 3 different banks, am saving about $1000/ month, and put a consistent amount to pay my credit card down. I am working toward a zero balance.

I have a monthly budget. I do have an emergency savings fund and I’ve used it for unexpected dental work. I decided against buying a car that would sit unused for 6 months of the year. I’m learning how the local bus system works and ride my bike when I can. It’s better for me anyway.

All in all Lisa’s plan works and I have already paid for half of next winter’s casita in Mexico. 

Thank you, Lisa.❞


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a 12-month commitment?

The contract is 12 months for a reason. It typically takes this long to work through all of the processes and hone in on what works for you and your business. If you commit to this program, you understand that this is a long-term process.

Do you offer refunds?

As a general rule, I do not offer refunds. Results take work! If you are looking for a quick return, this program may not be for you. At any point, if we determine that our working relationship is no longer a good fit, we reserve the right to stop the contract with no additional costs incurred.

I’m nervous to give out my financial passwords to someone else. How do you protect my information?

I have processes in place to keep everything highly secure. I will make sure that you have what you need in place to feel safe.

My books haven’t been done in awhile and I’m not quite sure how to bring them up to date. Would this program still be a good fit?

Absolutely! We will have a pre-step for getting your books in order and I’ll be there to help you bring your books up to date properly.

My numbers are kind of a hot mess and I’m hesitant to show someone else the mess I have going on.

There is absolutely no judgment here! There’s no shame in where your numbers are. I’ve been in your shoes! We all start somewhere and I start where you’re at!

What is your approach to coaching someone who has money vs. someone who is still struggling?

I approach my work with everyone with trauma-sensitivity and I’m engaged in trauma-informed training on a consistent basis. This means that I don’t bring in any judgment or shame into my coaching. And I help you release any shame or pain from past experiences that you have around money so you can move forward.

How much information will you need from me?

I require open communication about anything and everything. The reason I ask for unlimited access is because it all affects your money and the decisions you make around money and if we don’t have open communication, I can’t help you.

What will our 1:1 calls look like?

These calls are designed to help you in the moment, whatever that looks like. We start with talking about any updates you have for me and from that we work on whatever needs addressing. This could be working on your mindset around a specific issue, talking through a new strategic process that you’d like to implement, addressing questions around paying yourself or taxes, nothing is off limits in these calls.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! You have the option to split your payments across 6-12 months.

If this looks really great but you still have questions, please reach out!

❝When I started with Lisa my business finances were overwhelming and stressful. I was in a constant place of scarcity and working way too much for way too little.  Through working with Lisa my business finances feel much more manageable, I’ve been able to give myself a raise and I’m working half as much.  When I do start getting into that scarcity space she always calms me down and can help me see the numbers so I know where I am.  I always feel calmer after we talk.❞


❝My business grew quickly in a short amount of time and trying to build a financial plan and structure to support the growth was really overwhelming. In just a matter of months, Lisa helped me get organized and worked with me to make a plan that could support our growth. Not sure how I would’ve managed without her!❞


❝I have been working with Lisa for over a year now and the way that I manage the money for my business has significantly changed.  I know my numbers, feel empowered, and when I want to take something on – my mindset is that I CAN do it and just need to plan for how to do it.  It feels less scary and more exciting, and helps significantly with the growth of my business! Our plan is continued growth and with Lisa’s support we continue to reach our goals!❞


Before I began my journey with Lisa, the importance of financial management was clear to me, yet the task of weaving it into a strategic plan was daunting. My mindset was clouded by uncertainty, feeling vulnerable to every financial ebb and flow. This sense of being at the mercy of unpredictable fluctuations made financial management an intimidating prospect.

Fast forward to today, and the transformation is remarkable. Lisa has equipped me with a strategic plan and reshaped my money mindset. I no longer fear numbers; instead, I find excitement in analyzing figures, spotting trends, and forecasting the financial future of my business. Money management has become an empowering aspect of my business rather than a stressor.

Lisa’s guidance has truly made me the confident, informed leader I envisioned myself to be. Thanks to her, I am now at the helm of my financial journey, navigating with clarity and certainty. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!