Working on Business – Inside and Out

This past week, I took a trip to Canada to work on my business.  What I didn’t realize is that I was working on ME as well.  However, let me back up a little to explain the days prior to leaving… I am excited!  I am nervous! Going to a new country, meeting ladies I have been talking to via online.  And at the same time – I found myself fretting over going on the trip.  First – making sure my 2 girls were taken care of and then really, truly it came to my clients.  Would they be okay while I was gone for 4 days?  Have I made sure everyone knew I would be gone and not accessible?  Did I take care of anything and everything that needed to be taken care of? I am sure I am NOT the only one that has had these feelings when going on a business trip.  And this was a business trip. Fast forward…  I spent 4 days in Canada and during those 4 days I worked on my business and in the process worked on ME. Which is also working on my business – when you really think about it.  See – if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?  Especially our clients.

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While I was gone – nothing fell apart.  And now I have come back from my business trip even more focused and if I am completely honest – even more excited to help my clients grow their business and take the Chaos out of their Numbers. This past week has shown me – that YES! We need to take care of our clients in order for our businesses to grow.  Let’s face it – if we don’t – our clients are then unhappy and leave. However, we also NEED to take care of Ourselves and our Business.  We need to work on us and focus on what we are wanting for our business – so then we can truly focus on our clients.  As entrepreneurs – we honestly neglect a lot of different parts of our business and we don’t see what affect it has on our growth and the ability to help our clients. This week has shown me even more than before how it truly does affect our business and the growth of it.  And this includes your Business Numbers just like any other part of your business.  If you are neglecting it – it affects your business and your ability to truly grow your business and Thrive.  Which in turns affects your ability to help your clients even more. Tell me – what are you doing to make sure you are taking care of you and YOUR business?  What are you neglecting?  What is it that you can start doing now – to help you even more grow your business?