Why you NEED to start paying yourself consistently!

A lot of the time when I talk to entrepreneurs no matter where they are in their business, it is extremely common that if I ask if they are giving themselves a paycheck the answer is NO.

Let me be very clear on this – YOU NEED TO PAY YOURSELF!!!

You work your butt off in your business and if you aren’t paying yourself consistently you are doing your business and YOU a big disservice!

If you have or if you did have someone on your team, you would pay them right? Well, you ARE your team…you need to make sure you pay yourself!

There are so many benefits and reasons why it is so important to pay yourself consistently and I am so passionate about this that I did a whole video on it!

Check out the video below and learn why it is so important and how to start making sure it is a priority in your business!

After watching that video, I hope you can see why paying yourself consistently needs to be something you focus on within your business. Make the change and see how your business will change and more importantly how you will feel!!

If you have any questions – please leave them in the comments and let’s all work towards PAYING ourselves!!