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Crown Your Inner Wealth Queen

from the Sassy Wealth Coach

A VIP Workshop on Ruling Your Life and Business

3 Weeks | 5 Wealth Codes | Abundance, Purpose, and Fulfillment

Crowning Your Inner Wealth Queen:

A VIP Workshop on Ruling Your Life and Business with the 5 Wealth Codes

The 3-Week VIP Workshop begins June 5th:

Straighten Your Crown and Rule Your Life!

What’s the VIP Workshop all about?

Get ready to dive headfirst into a life-changing, 3-week Workshop where Lisa Marie, CFO and Sassy Wealth Queen extraordinaire, will guide you through using her 5 Wealth Codes to transform your money mindset and create a life and business that’s overflowing with abundance, purpose, and pure joy! You’ll get down and dirty with each code, kicking limiting beliefs to the curb, discovering powerful techniques that’ll blow your mind, and crafting a personalized action plan that’s as fabulous as you are.

With Lisa Marie’s undivided attention and expert guidance, you’ll unleash your inner power and gain the tools to create the Wealth Queendom of your wildest dreams! At the end of this workshop, you’ll have the confidence, strategies, and sass to take your wealth-building journey to the next level and create a life and business that’s dripping with abundance, purpose, and fulfillment!

Β So, how does that sound?

Let’s break down what you’ll get out of the 3 week VIP Workshop:

Discovering Your Wealth Queendom Foundation: June 5th @ 4pm EST

πŸ’– Spiritual Wealth: Unveiling Your Core Values

πŸ’– Mental Wealth: Embracing a Wealth Mindset

Nurturing Your Wealth Queendom: June 13th @ 4pm EST

πŸ’– Physical Wealth: Prioritizing Your Well-being

πŸ’– Energetic Wealth: Aligning Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Actions

πŸ’– Financial Wealth: Mastering Your Money Mindset

Reigning Supreme in Your Wealth Queendom: June 19th @ 4pm EST

πŸ’– Integrating the 5 Wealth Codes: Creating Your Wealth Queendom Action Plan

πŸ’– Overcoming Obstacles: Strategies for Staying on Track

πŸ’– Celebrating Your Progress: Embracing Your Inner Wealth Queen

Are you ready to:

Reign in your Wealth Queendom feeling empowered, inspired, and with confidence?!

June 5th @ 4pm EST