Using Oils can INCREASE your Productivity in your Office!

Please help me welcome the INCREDIBLE Cre’shea Hilton to my blog today!! I am so happy she agreed to be here. She is an absolutely amazing resource when it comes to using oils in your life and has personally be helping me with using them for not only myself but my girls as well. On top of that she is just a seriously hilarious human being!

A bit more about Cre’shea:

Cre’shea Hilton, is a Doula and Wellness Expert. She created her business, Mothering Wild especially for moms who are looking for alternative ways to support their families. She takes the guesswork out of using essential oils so that you can oil your family like a pro! Cre’shea wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be one way or the other, but that with her help she can provide you with more tools for your mom toolbox. She lives in Oregon with her husband and 3 very silly/busy/crazy, very well oiled kidsBio.



The Smell of Productivity: How Aromatherapy Kicks your Biz into Gear

Times they are changing, and more and more women are working from their homes. In the words of Beyonce, “Who run the world?? GIRLS.”

Women working from home is so normal and cool to see.  In a way, collectively  us gals are telling  society that we don’t have to do  work the way everyone else does it. In fact we can do it in a way that fits our needs and lifestyles. With this sentiment, I will say that there a few hurdles that come up when we work from home, like:

Will the laundry room be a good place for my office?
(Because what if the dryer is not the kind of white noise that makes me focus?)

Do I create work hours like I would a “normal” job?
(And maybe those work hours are 9pm-1am every third day of the week)

How do I track my productivity?
(In other words, how do I measure what I am getting done)

How do I stay consistently productive?
(What’s motivating me to keep going?)


There are so many ways one can organize their home office to make it more efficient. I can assure you though, the same tricks that worked at your typical 9-5 job that kept you productive are not the same things that will keep you intrinsically motivated at your business. Maybe it’s science, or maybe working from your own home office requires a different approach because let’s face it- At home there are a million reasons to allow yourself to be distracted. Kids.Chores.Snacks.Snacks.Snacks.

The key to my efficiency in my home based business is centered around using aroma. Using essential oils happens to be an incredibly beneficial and therapeutic way to increase productivity in your work space.  Smell has long been a powerful sense that has memory attached to it. When I smell sugared walnuts cooking, I can recall being 7 in my grandmothers’ kitchen watching her prep goodies for Christmas. This memory recall is often paired with your ability to smell things. It’s instinctual and can be incredibly powerful in your home office. Meaning, you can retrain your brain to be more productive. Cool right?

So what happens when we smell something like an essential oil? Our Olfactory system brings that aroma in and kicks it back to  our Limbic System in the back of our brains aka- Our emotional center. This is the really fun and sciency part of using oils. When you take a big deep inhalation of Peppermint to keep you more alert at your desk you’re telling your brain that you like to be alert and productive while you work. Therefore, every time you smell Peppermint essential oil at your desk you are giving yourself an aromatic anchor to an activity and a feeling. An aromatic anchor is similar to a Pavlovian response, one where if you notice your energy levels starting to drop you bring your Peppermint in, do a deep inhale.After inhaling the Limbic system registers this as, “Hey girl, I know you’re tired. I know you don’t really wanna do these emails and you’d rather watch ‘Outlander’, but remember how good you feel when they’re all done!” feeling. It’s a positive response, sending more Oxygen to your lungs, and more happiness from the brain. You are anchoring a behavior with a feeling and an aroma. Using an essential oil to create a better mindset and energy in your workspace is a simple and incredibly effective way to keep your business on days when you don’t feel like it.


Here are my top 5 ways to use essential oils in your home office to really kick your business into gear:

  1. Diffuse! It’s the easiest way to use your oils, and you can switch it up. Place your diffuser near your computer so that you can receive the therapeutic benefits while you work. Wear a lava bracelet or a pendant necklace that has your favorite focus blends on it. I’m a huge fan of anything citrus, for their uplifting and motivating properties.
  2. Apply your oils (diluted of course). I suggest the back of your neck, the inside of your wrists, and behind your ears. Pulse points are wonderful places to apply oils as the skin is a tad thinner there making for better permeability. Applying high quality oils to the body is kick butt way of telling your body that you are here to get stuff done, as oils reach every cell in your body in less than 30 minutes. Applying grounding blends like Balance help me stay centered, and grounded in the daily grind of owning my own business.
  3. Create a Money Mantra + Add oils to it! We all love money, but when we are able to create a powerful money mantra that keeps us focused and connected to the work we love amazing results occur. I love to use Wild Orange for this specific task. Every time I receive money or I work on something that will pay me money I say my money mantra and I take a deep inhale of Wild Orange EO. Wild Orange is The Oil of Abundance, and why else would we be in business for ourselves if we didn’t believe in how abundant our lives can be? The oil anchors that thought that I am attracted to abundance and I bring it into my life easily.
  4. Know your strengths and your weaknesses. From there create your lineup of oils that will amplify your energy (Like Peppermint + Wild Orange), and oils that will push you out of your vulnerable spaces (Like Rosemary + Frankincense).
  5. Choose wisely. Always know the quality of your oils. I choose a high quality Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Knowing the source and quality of your oil makes a difference in how therapeutic they actually are. If you’re still not sure where or how to start, connect with me and I’ll teach you how to kick your business into gear using essential oils.

Most of us need help to remain on task, and that’s no exception for those of us daring enough to step into our own business. There is risk involved, and quite honestly there is no user’s manual that tells us how to do it all. The tips above are beneficial to anyone who works and wants more help being on task whether it be in the home office, or elsewhere. Find what feels good, and don’t be afraid to introduce something new like essential oils into your productivity regimen. The best outcome is a centered, focused, and successful business woman who isn’t afraid of getting her work done.


If you would like to connect with Cre’shea or check her out you can find her here: