The Secret Income Source in Your Online Business

This week I am so excited to have DrakeCo here on the blog. Kim and Chris Drake are the owners of DrakeCo and have also been members of my team for a long time. They help me with all things online business from web design, social media, email marketing and MORE. They are a powerhouse and I can’t imagine what my business would be without them!


The Secret Income Source in Your Online Business

If you have a website, or even an online platform, you hold the keys to a somewhat hidden extra income source for your business or yourself that usually is under utilized on most websites. Most entrepreneurs know the importance of having fresh content on their website, and this usually is attributed to an active blog for visitors to read through, engage and learn more about your business. But the thing is, your blog serves many more purposes and can be utilized for a better income stream then just in taking and audience building. In this post we here at DrakeCo are going to share the secrets that we have learned about how to turn your blog into a money-making system!


Audience Building

We will start out with the fundamentals. Building your website traffic is critical for many aspects of your online presence. This helps to boost your search ranking, allows you to learn more about your visitors based on analytical tracking such as Google Analytics behavioural and flow mappings, as well for advertising purposes such as a Facebook Pixel which can track visitors to your website and re-target them for future advertising.

These are all things that will directly affect your product / service sales for your company, keeping an eye on how people react and behave on your website will allow you to learn what they are interested in and what they aren’t so you can build your content around your ideal client and visitor. Advertising allows you to build up your audience through web traffic then retarget either all or specific page visitors to your website, for example; anyone who lands on a specific landing page can then be targeted with a sale specific to that page, since they have shown interest in it.




Affiliate Marketing / Commission Based Income

Another aspect of your blog that can help you create a separate stream of income is utilizing affiliate marketing. Hosting links to products or services that you endorse and trust within your sidebar, or by linking within the page text and writing reviews or stories about the products. These systems primarily work through tracked links, when clicked the system will follow the user right through to the checkout, when a purchase is made this is attributed to your affiliate account, which then assigns a commission based credit to your account which can be redeemed in specific intervals or amounts.

On average payouts per sales on commission based income will be between 1% – 5% although, it is possible to have specials or promotions depending on the vendor to pay upwards of 10% – 20% of the final sale.


Becoming an Online Authority

One of the other ways to monetize your blog is to use it to drive traffic full force to it. Having a blog with high traffic opens you and your business up to many opportunities. Such as becoming an authority within your industry.

Being an authority in essence is basically just being a source that many people or businesses will look to for advice and information on your products or services. A great example would be an accountant. Having a high traffic blog all about finance and money could potentially lead to others sourcing the company as an information source, public speaking opportunities or co-authoring a book all about finance building a large exposure to many people. All it would take is keeping your blog fresh, filled with great information and driving as much traffic as possible to it so that one day, the right person will stumble upon the right post which triggers them to reach out to you.


Although there are many tactics to using your website and your blog as an income source, these are some of the main topics that many miss out on, or may only know about one or two of them, however, we do hope that this information will help to open you and your business up to many different opportunities online to help you grow and succeed online.

We are always happy to help out with all things online business and invite you to visit us online at and contact us about any of your online business needs!