The Sassy Wealth Coach: All about Me and My Business!

Hey ya’ll!

It’s me, Lisa Marie and I’m your Sassy Wealth Coach. My passion is helping women entrepreneurs stand on their own two feet and feel empowered by their finances by showing them how to manage their money better. Your hopes and dreams don’t have to be just that, we will work together to make them a reality for your business and your life.

Why Numbers?

I didn’t grow up with money. In fact, my life was quite the opposite. Addiction, theft, and violence were all part of my childhood. I promised myself that I would do better and be better for my own children. I was determined to show my own 2 girls what is possible to achieve. I turned that pain and trauma into prosperity and purpose, and I want to help other women do the same.

So, numbers became my thing. And, after 20 years in professional money management, here I am turning financial chaos into sassy and sexy numbers!

Get my Sassy Budget

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What I offer?

PayMe First™ is my signature monthly coaching service. It’s affordable, flexible, and I have ONE spot left for 2020! Together we will examine your expenses, incomes, and credits and make a budget that fits your life. We’ll change your whole mindset when it comes to money and money management!

Not only will you have my expertise guiding you along this journey, but you’ll have UNLIMITED access to me through text and email! You’ll also receive 1:1 coaching sessions TWICE a month. You don’t have to worry about doing this on your own. I’m hands-on and FULLY involved in the experience. I mean it when I say, I’m passionate about numbers!

Remember, if you’re interested in this service, get in touch with me today to get on the waitlist for my next available spot! I can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

Not quite ready for a monthly commitment? That’s why I created the Sassy Money Strategy Sessions. It’s a 90 minute, 1:1 Zoom call where we can discuss you business and your finances. This is not a cookie-cutter experience. It is a custom, VIP meeting designed to help YOU.  When the meeting is over, you’ll be sent a step-by-step implementation plan of all the things we discussed.

These sessions are designed to meet you exactly where you are with your business and your finances. You do NOT have to have experience with finances. You do NOT have to have a money management system. All I ask is that you come willing to learn, willing to make small changes that will have big rewards, and most importantly, that you want your business to grow and become financially stable.

Find me on Facebook and join my free group! I’ll offer financial tips and tricks and money mindset challenges. You’ll become part of a community full of women entrepreneurs that lift each other up and support one another. Plus, you’ll have my expertise at your fingertips! Coming soon! (Leave a comment below if you’d like an invite when it is up and running!)

Regardless of the path you take, I want you to know that my expertise and advice comes from an entirely judgement-free zone. I promise you, whatever situation your finances are in, I’ve been there (or worse!) Together we can take the first step to get you on the path to great money management where you feel in control and empowered by your business finances!

Let’s turn your money into sassy and sexy numbers!