Start With a Plan

As a Wealth Coach, you might think that I’ve always had my finances in order – but life came at me in a different way and that wasn’t exactly my luck. I’ve been through 2 foreclosures Chapter 7 bankruptcies, I haven’t always been able to pay my bills, I haven’t always known where I was going to get enough money to put food on the table, I’ve needed help from the State with financial assistance. That’s all a fact of life for me. Now, I’m not proud of it, but it’s important for you to know that I’ve been there. I’ve been broke. I’ve needed help.  But, I’ve also rebuilt my life and my finances and I know you can too! 

How? I started with a plan. 

I knew I needed to change something. I knew I needed to take a look at my finances and manage my money so that I could have money to manage instead of wondering where all the money went. Once I took charge and started, I went from broke to actually growing my business. 

Today I challenge you to think of ONE thing that you can do differently in managing your money or how you look at your money.  Here are a couple of examples: put an operating budget into place (examining business income and expenses), assess how much you’re spending on miscellaneous things (like Starbucks coffee per month), or look at your bank balance on a regular basis and be mindful of the income you have coming in and the expenses you have going out. Whatever the ONE thing you choose is, stick with it until it becomes a habit. Once it’s a habit, you can add something else (and then something else, and then something else) – and that’s how you make a plan. 

I know it might sound easier than it should but in order to make changes, you have to start somewhere. One change will lead to another, and another, and another, and soon enough you’ll turn your finances into sassy and sexy numbers.  My passion is to help women entrepreneurs take charge of their finances and be able to do the exact same thing that I did. Once we can look at our money differently, regardless of how stressful it might be in the beginning, we can make changes and become empowered by our numbers! 

I go into more detail about starting with a plan in this Financial Friday Tip Video