Sassy Money Strategy Session!

If you have a question or problem when it comes to your finances, but know that Google — or some homogenized business finance book — can’t provide the specific, nuanced, applicable guidance you need… 

If things feel so overwhelming or hectic financially that you’re not even really sure which questions to ask or where to start but you know that your financial success will require some financial clarity… 

If you could use some 1:1 assistance in getting off on the right foot when it comes to your business money management  or  you want to achieve a big financial goal but just don’t know how to put the wheels in motion… 

You need some financial strategy in your business… and you are in (exactly) the right place. 

Introducing my Sassy Money Strategy Session!

What is it?

When you sign up for a sassy money strategy session you will get:


A 1:1 Extended Private Zoom Session where we focus on YOUR business and YOUR finances!


A chance to talk to a wealth coach with over 15+ years’ experience!


100% my full attention and I will give you my best advice on how you can achieve your goals.


This is a VIP experience that will be completely unique to you and your business. It is not cookie-cutter and is all about helping YOU.


A simple and clear plan on what to focus on first to get your started and moving towards proper money management.


When the coaching session is over, I will send you a step-by-step implementation plan where you can take what we have talked about in the call and implement it into your finances and business RIGHT AWAY

This session is designed to meet your business and where you are RIGHT now and give you a clear plan to get where you want to be.  We will look at your finances and I will give you tangible tasks that will have you achieving better money management!

When you have the right foundation and are able to create a solid, workable system for your finances you will be able to strategically grow your business and continue to focus on the next steps.

You do NOT need to know everything about finances before this call.

You do NOT need to have a money management system set up.

You do NOT need to have a software you use.

You DO need to be willing to learn and make changes.

You DO need to want to grow your business and be financial stable.

You DO need to believe that small changes will make BIG changes in the future.

I am here for you…and this is an entirely judgement-free zone.  No matter where you are in your financial journey, I have been there or worse.  Click HERE to read more about my journey and how I became to be a wealth coach who understands how you may be feeling when you look at your numbers.

Together we can take the first step to get you on the path to great money management where you feel in control and empowered by your business finances!