My Favorites

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Money Books

Money Mindset for a Champagne Life
by Cassie Parks

This book is one of the best Mindset books that I love. I use it with my group and trainings etc.  It helps you see how you see and talk about money affects you and your life.

The Book on Money Management
by Curtis Banks

I use this book as a resource. It is a great book to help you see ways for Money Management and the 3 secrets to it. 

Money Honey – A Simple 7-step Guide for Getting your Financial $hit Together

This is another book I use as a resource that I have read which I love!! It has some great content and Rachel the author breaks it down and provides a ton of valuable nuggets.

Profit First
by Michael Michalowicz

I will be honest. This book was a Godsend for me.  I read the book and it is what inspired my PayMe First™ Services, it inspired my All-inclusive budget and I intertwined his philosophy.  I totally recommend this book.

Office Supplies

Anti-Fatigue Mat

For those times you are standing for a long period of time (like me who likes to stand at her desk some) this helps keep the fatigue down.

Flex Pro 40-inch Electric Standing Desk

Yep I said Electric. No one needs to sit down all day.  This provides me with a way to stand up for a bit and work which helps my back tremendously.  And the best part is it is Electric!!  A push of a button raises it or lowers it.

Neewer Ring Light Kit

 This provides lighting for videos, lives, etc. and it really helps. It is easy to put together and leave out.  I use this for the videos I record and for my Lives. 

Payroll Software

This software is super easy to use and is the one I recommend to all my clients and use myself!

Bill Tracking & Reminder App

This app is part of my money management system. I use this along with my money management/budget.  It helps me keep track of when bills are due by sending me a reminder on my phone (as I have my phone on me at all times like a lot of us do).  It also syncs with a lot of my billers and therefore I can pay it straight from the app.  This has saved me countless times when I have been traveling and say my light bill was due. 

I have tried other apps and none of them I have liked as much as I like Prism. This app will truly help you stay on top of things. 

It takes about 15 minutes or so to set up and I recommend having a list of your bills in front of you so that you can easily set everything up.  Anything you need to add later, you can do that too.

As of right now the app is only available in the U.S.

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