Money Mindset Series: Identifying Your Money Mindset Roadblocks and How to Break Free From Them.

Unfortunately many of us have roadblocks when it comes to finances. They have been ingrained in us since we were little from listening to our parents or grandparents talking about money troubles and how awful money is. Some may not even realize they have roadblocks but they are there, deeply ingrained. 

So what exactly is a money roadblock? Easy answer – it’s a mental block about money that holds you back from your money. It’s a habit so ingrained you may not even realize you have it. If you feel like you have the knowledge and are doing all the right things with your money but you’re not seeing the results you want, chances are, you have a money mindset roadblock. If the thought of money fills you with guilt, anger or sadness, you are facing a roadblock. The good news – you can learn to love your money and find ways to make it work for you. 

The first step to changing your mindset is to determine how you want to feel when it comes to your finances. I am here to tell you that money does not need to intimidate you or make you feel negatively. It can be quite the opposite. You can learn to feel empowered and in control, but you need to decide you want to feel those things. The challenge comes from identifying the roadblocks you have in terms of your finances, however, once you have those pinpointed, you can develop a plan to overcome them. 

Once you’ve determined what your money roadblocks are, it’s time to find ways to simplify your finances so it’s not overwhelming. By doing this, it helps you to gain control over your money which will lead to more positive feelings and thoughts about your numbers. There are a few different things you can do to make things simple. 

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Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions or services. 

We have all signed up for apps, programs or services that seem so awesome at the time, but we forget we have them and continue to pay the monthly (or yearly) fee. Go through and cancel anything you no longer use or need. 

Make a budget.

I LOVE budgets. It’s really the only way to track what is going on with your money and get a full picture. The more detailed the better. Update it at least once a week and make changes as your income, or expenses change. This is a great place to check for things to cut back on or cut out. 

Work on paying off your debt.

When you create a budget and you cut out unnecessary spending you will be able to what is left to allocate to any debt you may have. 

Implementing a few changes will go a long way in helping your mindset around money. Once you have control over your numbers, understand where your money is going and you see positive changes to your finances, you will notice that you will begin to feel empowered over your money, rather than your money over you. 

Another great way to change your money mindset is to start speaking and thinking about your money in a positive way. Money affirmations are a great way to do this! Try saying some of the affirmations below to yourself on a regular basis and watch how your mindset will shift when it comes to your finances! 

Break down those money mindset roadblocks and watch how things will begin to change!