Living a Worry Free Life!

Does your paycheck come in and it’s already spent before you even get to debate where it’s going to go?


It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, sad, and defeated. If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone.


This is due to overspending, not having a budget in place and not knowing your numbers.


Now picture this, your paycheck comes into the bank, you pay all your bills, put money into savings and retirement accounts, and… there is money left over. Wow! You are left feeling relief, excited, proud and empowered. That comes from creating and following your budget and knowing your numbers.

Let’s take a moment and explore what your life may look like if (and when) you are worry free about money.

It allows you to be present:
If you often say no to doing things because you don’t have the money, being worry free in the financial department would allow you to enjoy experiences and new things that you haven’t been able to before.

It gives you the opportunity to take things off your to-do list:
If you hate cleaning, or dread cooking, you could look to hire a house cleaner or personal chef to take those tasks off your plate. Maybe you add members to your team within your business to allow for more time freedom to focus on other passions. Whatever it may be, not having to worry about money allows you to take some things off your list and relax a bit more.

Of course living a life without money stress would allow for more travel, exploring and going on adventures which could lead to even more exciting things within your business. Meeting new people wherever you go!


Now I get it – this sounds lovely. Of course we would all LOVE to live a life where we are free of money worry but how do we do that? Unfortunately like most things worth doing – it does take some time and effort on your part. You will have to be willing to look at your numbers, create a budget and start planning for what your money is going to do.


There is ABSOLUTELY no shame in not having this done already. So many entrepreneurs start their businesses because they have a passion but they don’t think about the financial side of it because that isn’t their cup of tea. However, I also know that a lot of entrepreneurs start businesses so that they can have more freedom. Freedom of time, money, and choice. How frustrating is it though that you want to have money freedom and you feel like your business is doing well but you are still struggling to pay bills or you still can’t afford to do anything extra. That is when you know it’s time to really look at your numbers and make a plan. You don’t have to keep living like this. It won’t change overnight but making a plan and working towards the things that are important to YOU will make you feel so much more empowered and excited about your business! I promise, I have been there and I remember how crappy it felt. If you need help, I am ALWAYS here for you – no judgement, no shame, just a listening ear that could help you make the decisions you need to conquer your money frustrations and let you have the freedom you are craving!

When you take the time to learn and understand your numbers, you can make them work for you and your life. We don’t have to live life in a state of stress over our finances.


It’s time to take control and feel empowered and start living the life we dream of.