Growing a Business Takes Support!

As entrepreneurs we a lot of us start out doing everything ourselves. Mostly because it’s our dream to have a successful business and also because let’s be honest – when you start a business, you don’t have extra money laying around to hire people. However there comes a point when you just can’t afford not to hire out. This is a great (and sometimes scary) place to be. It means your business is growing, it means you can no longer manage all the pieces that go with having a business, it means you are ready to up level and move into a new and exciting chapter of your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are at this point in your business or not – I am sure you can see that growing a business takes support. If you aren’t there yet, you will get to a point where you just feel like you can’t take on anymore. That’s when it’s time to look for people to help you. You probably have pieces of your business that you do because they have to be done but you really don’t love doing them or they take you WAY longer than they should because they aren’t your specialty and that’s okay! You can’t be great at everything! Today I want to spend a little time introducing you to the people behind my business. I used to do it all myself but I can honestly say that my business has grown and continues to be successful because I have help now. I started small and only hired out what I could afford (yes, you need to KNOW your numbers) and as I grew, I was able to outsource more of my tasks and it feels amazing to have a team of incredible people who support and believe in my business to stand beside me. Each of my team members play an important role.  And quite honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. DrakeCo – Also known as the Dynamic Duo Kim Drake – This lady is the first person I hired on as a permanent part of my team, and over the last year as my business has grown, her role has grown.  She is my Social Media Guru.  (In my eyes… Super Woman) and that is because well… let’s be honest here… how so many of you despise looking at your business numbers…  For me – that’s how I feel about Social Media.  All that planning, writing, etc. gives me a major headache.  I would rather bury my head in the sand. This is where Kim comes in…  She takes this headache off me.  She helps me plan out my social media posts, my blogs, my emails, my images, etc.  You name it… if it has anything to do with Social Media marketing or email marketing – she helps me with it.  She helps me bring my opt-ins to life and so much more.  I depend very much on Kim and what is so awesome is we communicate, and I always know what is going on.  But and this is huge for me…  I don’t have to worry about my social media, my email marketing, etc.  I know it is being taken care of. Chris Drake – Little back story… I first “met” Chris online back in early 2018.  My website was a mess.  Not completely done. Some links worked, some didn’t.  When I met him, it was for him to redo my website.  The funny thing is…  I told him I wanted it warm and inviting.  Not drabby or boring.  It had to be Sassy and Sexy. LOL!! (This also led me to meet his wife – Kim Drake… see above). Let me tell you – Chris took my site down and rebuilt it better than I ever imagined.  He has since overseen anything to do with my site on an as needed basis.  I later hired him to be a permanent part of my team.  Chris does everything and anything to do with the back end of my website and email platform; keeping it up to date, adding campaigns, etc. including updating it for online classes.  He also helps me with my Facebook Ads.  Again – yes, this is something I could do – but just like Social Media – Facebook ads gives me a major headache.  So instead I have someone who loves this type of thing doing it – so that I can do what I love. This Dynamic Duo is a HUGE part of my team.  Because of them, I know my website, email platform, my social media etc. is being taken care of and I don’t have to worry.  Just over the last month – we have done some major updates and while I was knee deep in personal stuff (the month of May is always a busy one for me– birthdays, etc.) These two were getting my website ready for all the goodness that is coming.  And trust me there is a lot of goodness coming.   Shaulyn Van Baaren – This lady is my Business & Project Strategist.  She helps me probably in more ways than she realizes.  She is an important part of my team because she helps me stay grounded and not ahead of myself and strategically put a plan into place for my business and projects.  She helped plan my 1-day Intensive last year and we realized from that how well we worked together and as they say… the rest is history.  As an Entrepreneur, we have so many ideas that pop up that we want to put into place right away,  but then we sometimes (well at least I do) get tangled up with it all and basically nothing gets done.  Shaulyn helps me by listening and then helping me strategically put a plan into place and then we all meet as a team and she then coordinates what each of us should be doing.  This again is a life saver for me because I don’t have to worry about it – and I am able to see my ideas come to life and move forward.  Hint…  Just a couple of the things she is helping me strategically plan…  My podcast, hosting more intensives, hosting VIP days, and more…   Krystal Stokes – Krystal helps me with my day to day operation.  She assists me with some of the admin work that goes into running a business and helps me with keeping my house running and helping me with my girls as needed.  This is HUGE to my business because since I sometimes travel to host my 1-day Intensives and will be hosting VIP days and more Intensives in the future, having someone I can depend on to help me with my 2 girls is a MUST for me.  Again, when my business needs my focus, or a client does – I know my girls are in good hands.  This helps me be able to truly focus on my business and get work done so that I can then also spend time with my girls.  She has been with me from the beginning as a friend listening to me and then she jumped in helping me as needed with the admin work and my girls. Having her a part of my team is invaluable.   Stephanie Doering – This is the newest team member.  Stephanie is my junior bookkeeper.  And her role will be growing as my business continues to grow.  Stephanie helps me with some of the day to day keeping of the accounting books so that again I can do what I love doing which is helping as many women entrepreneurs as I can be empowered with their business money so that they are profitable.  Because of her helping maintain some of the accounting books, I can help more Women Entrepreneurs.   Like I said before – I wouldn’t be able to run my business let alone grow it without the help of these incredible people. I am so grateful to each of them for the time and effort they put in to support my business. I know that not everyone is at a point where they can hire out but I do encourage you to sit down and look at your numbers and look at your time. If you are struggling to bring in more money because you just don’t have enough hours in the day, it may be time to look at outsourcing some things. Don’t go crazy at first but really look at what you would love to get off your plate and see if you can make it work. Remember that when you free up some of your time, you will have more time to do what you love and that in turn will help you grow and make more money so you can pay the people who are helping you. Business takes support – you don’t have to do it alone, even if you can’t hire, find business friends that you can chat with and bounce ideas off of with. This alone will help you be able to focus on what is most important. To my team – thank you…I truly appreciate everything you all do and am so happy that each of you are a part of #TeamSassy!