The Sassy Resource Center

A collection of freebies to help your money management!

6 Steps to Sassy & Sexy Numbers

Receive your copy of my top six changes you can make in your money management system today!

Personal & Business Budget Checklists

These have all the expenses you will need in order to make sure you have everything included in your budget!

Goal Setting

In order to have a great money management system, you need to know what your goals are! This worksheet will help you work through them.

5 Simple Steps to take Your Numbers from Chaos to Confidence!

With these steps, you will be able to get a good system in place and start being proud and excited by your business numbers!

Debt Management Kit

Get your debt under control with this debt management kit. Included are my credit card sheet and basic budgeting sheet and videos to show you how to use them!

Sneaky Money Leaks and Sexy Profit Hacks that Most Therapists Miss

Sign up for the FREE guide for that breaks down the most common money leaks and money hacks for therapists

Sassy Wealth Makers

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