Focusing on what brings you joy!

The thing that has made the biggest difference in not only my business but my life has been support. Support from an incredible team who work hard to make sure that I am providing the best service I can.

I didn’t always have a team, I used to do everything myself and although I learned so much doing this, I quickly realized how unproductive I was really being.

I am great with numbers – I can help get a budget together like it’s the back of my hand. I love it. Numbers excited me, fill up my cup and bring me joy – but I bet a lot of you reading this think I am CRAZY cause numbers just aren’t your thing. This is how I feel about other parts of my business. Like organizing my social media. I can do it, sure but did I like it? NO! I hated having to think about what was being posted when. I hated coming up with new content all the time, I wanted to work with numbers and my clients to better their financial situations but I really didn’t want to schedule anymore posts on my social media. So I made the choice not to.

I sat down and being the logical thinker I am, made a pro/con list of what hiring someone to help me would bring. Did I really have the money in my budget? Well yes, but I knew I could use that money for other needs as well. I didn’t have what I felt was “enough” money but I also looked at the pros. More time to focus on what I do love. More time with my clients. More time with my family. More time for ME!

The pros outweighed the cons quickly. I knew that by outsourcing some of the pieces of my business that didn’t really need my full attention, I could use that saved time to actually GROW my business even more.

I needed support. I still need support. I have an incredible team that has grown and I have been able to use their skills to continue to create the best possible business. We all have things we are great at. Me – its numbers but when you have people on your team that are good at things you may not be so great at, it makes for a very well rounded, very well-functioning business. Who doesn’t want that?

I am going to guess if you are reading this that numbers probably aren’t your favorite. They probably aren’t the piece of your business that brings you the most joy and that’s okay. I just want to let you know that if you feel like your finances are the reason your business is being held back, maybe you want to expand but just aren’t sure what goals you need to set financially to achieve that – I want you to reach out. That is my job (and my passion) with my clients. I am their person to depend on, I am their support so that they don’t have to navigate business alone. They don’t have to stay stuck in financial chaos and they don’t have to feel like they can’t grow their business. I can help you – I love to sit down with business owners and discuss their numbers, goals and aspirations for the coming year. If you are ready to make a change and really want to turn that chaos into sassy and sexy numbers, send me a message and we can work it out together!

Having support with a team and even with people who understand and get you (like biz besties) is so important to having a healthy business and a great life. I am so grateful for all the incredible people in my life that support me and push me on the hard days (cause we all have them!) and to all my clients who allow me to be a part of their teams and make a difference in their businesses with my support!


I’d love to know — what brings you the most joy from your business? Leave it in the comments below!