Common Accounting Terms – What do they mean???

When I start working with a client and I start talking about typical accounting topics I sometimes get a blank stare back at me. For someone who doesn’t love accounting, they may not know what common terms are used and that just causes them to feel more frustrated and confused when they are trying to figure out their numbers.


I get it – when something has a bunch of new terminologies that don’t make sense, you might feel like you want to shy away from learning that skill. It can be totally overwhelming and can make you want to put your head firmly back in the sand and pretend you don’t need to deal with your finances.


Don’t do that though – I promise, promise, promise that knowing your numbers and being on a money management system will be life-changing for you and your business.


So today I wanted to help…I wanted to give you a resource that has explanations for those common accounting terms that might be holding you up when it comes to diving into your numbers.

Below you will find a PDF that you can download and keep on your computer or print out as a reference sheet that has the terms you really need to know to start getting your numbers organized. It will also help you so if you are talking to someone in the accounting world who might not understand that no everyone knows these terms.

Not knowing the terminology is NOT a reason to shy away from making your numbers Sassy & Sexy!

If you need more help with this or you are ready to take the step and have someone help you get your numbers in order – please reach out. I am always happy to help and no matter what situation you are in or how much you know, there is never EVER any judgment when working with me. I have been there, I have neglected my finances and not known how I was going to pay my bills. I have experienced the HIGH stress, overwhelm, chaos and disappointment that not knowing your numbers can cause so please know I am always here for you.