Budgeting your expenses and streamlining your business tools!

As a business, there will be different expenses that come up. Some may be physical products you use while others are programs or apps used to help run your business.

We may look at a program and think, $10 a month isn’t that much. I’ll get that. Next thing you know, you’re paying $2000 a month from all those “just $10 a month” programs. The small expenses add up and end up sinking the ship. Be careful and smart in what you’re choosing to invest in and use. Paying a monthly membership fee for something that does not work for your business or that you will never use does not make sense.

Do your research, look into different programs, ask for input from others you know in similar industries and utilize the free trails. Just because something costs a lot of money, does not mean it will be right for you and your needs. There are so many different programs that you can use and sign up for that are no cost at all, and almost all programs offer some sort of free trial period.

If you are new to business and you are starting an email list, it does not make sense to pay for a robust program that can house thousands of email addresses. While you build your list, there are plenty of free programs such as Mailchimp that will allow you to send great emails for next to nothing while you grow your audience.

I highly suggest an accounting software so you can keep track of all expenses and income. With that said, you might not need to go and get QuickBooks at first. Wave offers a really great software that is also free! It is easy to setup and use. I recommend spending time every week looking at your expenses and taking note of where your money is going. If you have any programs or apps you pay for but do not use, or use to the fullest of its ability, it’s time to cancel and find something else you will use.

Below you will find a video I did that explains more about budgeting your expenses and how to streamline your tools to make them work the best way for your business!


Budgeting your expenses and using the right tools for your business will help you be able to take the chaos out of your numbers and help you feel more in control.

Another thing to think about when using a tool is ROI (return on investment)! Does the program help bring you an ROI? Remember ROI doesn’t always mean money, it could be time or sanity. Continue to reevaluate your expenses and what tools are working and make changes if you need to!