Are You Ready to Create the Life of Your Dreams and Ditch the Chaos? Let Me Help You!

If you’re anything like me, you started your business to do what you LOVE. I mean, that’s why almost all entrepreneurs start businesses, isn’t it? Since starting your business, have you found yourself focused on a specific area that isn’t your strength? I’m talking about your numbers! My guess is you wanted to create balance in the world and serve powerfully, not spend all your time trying to balance your books!

That’s where I come into play. Y’all, I LOVE numbers. My passion is helping women entrepreneurs stand on their own two feet (whether they “need to” or not) and showing them how to properly manage their money so that they can accomplish their hopes and dreams for their business and life.

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. My story is quite the opposite. Between the addiction, theft and violence, my childhood read more like a survival guide than a Disney movie script. When you face challenges, setbacks and hardships, you understand what it is to have to fight for everything you have and want. You’re determined to show yourself what is possible, as well as your kids (two girls for me, and I’m the proud mom of 2 SpEd kiddos.)

That’s why I started the Sassy Wealth Coach; I wanted to turn all of the pain and trauma I experienced into prosperity and purpose. I knew the pain had a purpose, so I ditched the victim mentality and created the life I KNEW I deserved. And I help other women do the same by teaching them how to use their numbers in the best way so they feel empowered and in control. 

So, how do you know if you’re ready to make a serious change, ditch the chaos, and invest in yourself and your business?

You want to stop putting yourself into more debt! 

You want to start feeling empowered and in control of your money management.

You want someone you can count on to help you make the most out of your business finances.

You want to unleash your highest earning potential because you are no longer living in financial chaos.

I want you to know that you don’t have to keep piling up debt to pay your business bills. You DON’T have to keep living this way! There is another way! You no longer have to deal with it all alone. You have me in your pocket, in your corner, and in your finances! Together we can change how you feel about your money, how you deal with your money and how you MANAGE your money.

These are all the reasons why I created my signature program – PayMe First™!

PayMe First™ will take you from chaos, dread and overwhelm to confident and empowered by the decisions you can make because your business is growing and thriving. 

PayMe First™ will allow you to:

Have control of your numbers, your spending and your earnings.

Have a sense of what you should be working towards so you can grow into the EMPOWERED business owner you want to be.

Dry up the leaks where your money has been seeping out of your business, so you have more money to do the things you truly desire.

When you have control over your finances you no longer have to “wing-it” when it comes to your business. You can make calculated steps that increase your revenue and your profit in powerful ways. I will show you how and work with you to get there! NOW is the time for Sassy & Sexy numbers! And I can get you there!