5 Ways You Can Make More Money Online in Your Business

I am welcoming another guest to the blog today!

Meet Megan Lockhart! She is a business coach for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses online! I have known Megan for a few years now and she is always full of new ideas for marketing and growing your business!

A bit more about Megan:

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.
As a mom of two kids, Kinsley who is 7, and Rhett who is 4, two dogs, and one husband, spending time with my family is important to me.

I love the outdoors: golfing, skiing and more recently spending time camping in the Rocky Mountains.
I am a beautiful mess: one day you’ll catch me wearing dresses and high heels, and the next unshowered in a baseball cap.

As a non-perfectionist, having 500,000 emails does not phase me in the least bit and that’s why I believe Hello Life Academy is successful.

Is my life always fun? I make sure it is.

My mission in life – what gets me up in the morning and what fills my cup is coaching women entrepreneurs to grow a strong and prosperous business of their own.

In 2015, Hello Life Academy came to the world!
It’s about finally feeling that freedom you know exists, in career & life. It’s about following your dream to have a business, even though it’s scary. It’s about discovering that you don’t have to do one more thing alone! xo


Today Megan is sharing with us 5 ways to make more money online!! Check it out below!

I started my online business and became a millionaire. That’ll be your voice after you read this blog.

The sink and hook – did I grab your attention? Did I make you want to click here, click here, and all over? I sure hope so because I’m about to inspire the heck out of you! Keep reading if you want to know how to add different streams of money making avenues in your current business.

I start there because I want to introduce you to the world of online marketing and knowing what other streams of income are and HOW you can create them. Yes you may step into your 7 figure status, or you may start to take more days off, bring your kids to Disneyland and buy the car you’ve had on your bucket list for years.

YOU are the creator of your future, and I’m here right now as a guest on this beautiful woman blog to talk all things: adding in 5 different streams of money into your online business.

Idea one: Release control

I see this come up for so many entrepreneurs “but I already have my course” or “I don’t have more time to offer more products I’m at full capacity.

That’s great, high fives and I’m thrilled for you. But how would it feel if you were at full capacity with MULTIPLE courses, products, services and YOU didn’t have to be the driver of all of them? That’s step one – think outside of the box. The ideas I give you are great, but you may read them and be inspired to start something totally different (yay!)

When you release control you become a CEO. True leaders and business owners do not have to be the ones on the calls, the ones teaching the classes, or the ones managing the things. They are LEADERS, creators – they release control and create other leaders within their company. So ask yourself before you truly step into more money – are you leading or are you controlling?


Idea two: Use your website and affiliate links

As a business you are probably using at least 2-5 programs/ softwares and reading 2-5 books about business and leadership every few weeks. Amazon has a pretty great affiliate program but the other place that offers even better affiliates: your peers and the people who RUN those programs. I am an affiliate for Tailwind & Ontraport and bring in money every single month by blogging about these two softwares. You can read why you would use tailwind in your business here (it’s incredible!). If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing AMAZON is the best place to start, last week I posted about a planner I use and it had over 182 orders in 24 HOURS. You can do the same, a little extra cash here and there is beautiful. But like anything – you will have to be consistent with the marketing

Idea three: public speaking

You are an EXPERT in the field of your business. Whether you are a franchise owner or a coach – your message is big and important. People are always looking for speakers for events, take a look on LinkedIn (I find it powerful for business to business relationships).

Idea four: courses

There are literally courses about courses (I have one lol), because people love learning from the internet and the comfort of their home!

Idea five: host an online event (class)

Yes you can! Business owners teach things – and whether you’re an amazing accountant like Lisa or a nurse — your teachings matter. Host a course, charge for it! And then host it on repeat (aka a webinar) and charge for it every month!


I absolutely adore teaching things modern marketing and look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and questions through Lisa! Have fun, be passionate and know that you are amazing!

Megan Lockhart xo




Thank you so much Megan for being here today and sharing these GREAT ideas with us! If you have any questions — leave them in the comments and I will make sure Megan gets them!