5 Apps to Simplify Your Finances

There are apps for EVERYTHING now a days. Literally everything. So, if you don’t have an app to help you organize your finances, it’s time to get one. I have created a list of 5 apps to help you simplify your finances.
Lucky Bitch This is a multi-use app. Not only does it help you track every single penny, it also has a gratitude journal to track your good fortune. The app provides motivational tips and has a free money makeover course. This app will help you create awareness and appreciation for every bit of money that comes into your life.
Prism This app gives you the whole picture of your finances, income, balances and expenses. You can easily track and set due dates for your bills, so you never miss a payment again. You will save money in late charges and will be able to budget when you have all your bills organized in one place. [I personally would be LOST without this app!]

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Wave With wave you can send invoices, track payments, expenses and so much more. This is my go- to recommendation for start-up small businesses. Wave will show you what’s outstanding, what’s overdue and what has come in. All for FREE! You can’t beat that.
Quickbooks Online If you are looking to have everything in one place, QuickBooks is the answer. This program can do everything and more. Track multiple businesses and clients, bills, payments and so much more. QuickBooks makes managing your business easy.
Quickbooks Self-Employeed This accounting program covers all the features that a solopreneur would need in order to manage your business and personal finances. There are many benefits to this program such as cost effective, user friendly and easy to set up.
YNAB One of the major perks of this program is it focuses on your budget in the now and allows you to budget the money you have not what you may get in the future. The benefit of this is it shows you how to prioritize and plan, so you have money when and where you need it.
Those are just a few of the great apps out there that are available to help you organize your finances. You might try a few different ones before you find one that fits your needs. Let me know in the comments – do you use a finance app? If so which one?