4 Ways to Eliminate Old Beliefs that are Sabotaging Your Business Success!

We often develop limiting beliefs around money. These beliefs may have come from relatives, past experiences with money, or just personal life experiences.  


As a child growing up, money was not something we talked about in my household. It was a taboo subject, so my past experiences with money were not positive ones and this affected my beliefs about money as I grew into an adult.  


Your beliefs surrounding money affect your money mindset as well as how you manage money. It’s time to learn how to eliminate those sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back from success. 


Are you ready to change your mindset around finances? How exactly do you do that? Well, I have four tips below to get you started! 

Recognize those beliefs

Recognize the old beliefs and where they started. Think of your current financial situation and ask yourself, “what am I afraid of”? Be honest with yourself, like really honest. The answers will help you start to shape your new mindset! You can write them down to reflect on them when you find yourself falling into those old beliefs again. 


Determine your needs

Typically, people have five primary needs that they form their beliefs around: love, security, respect, power, and being valued. Think about these needs and how they drive you and your beliefs. This is a crucial step in your money mindset because your new beliefs will be based on these five needs. 


Acknowledge where these needs come from

Of the five needs listed above, think about why and how you are attempting to satisfy them. Are you trying to fulfill your need for respect or power by purchasing the latest electronics? Do you fulfill your need for love by purchasing gifts for loved ones, or treating them? Do designer clothes and fancy shoes satisfy your need of feeling valued? Take a hard look at your needs and what you are doing to fill them. 


Forgive yourself 

And anyone else who you may think had a part in these beliefs. Your parents, a past or current spouse, a friend, etc. You have to stop beating yourself up for past decisions, beliefs, and choices you’ve made. All we can do is recognize, accept, and move forward.



You have given yourself a gift by acknowledging that old beliefs are holding you back. Now is the time to take steps to move forward and create new, positive, healthy beliefs so you can take control over your business numbers. Remember, changing your thoughts and mindset isn’t an overnight fix. Like money management, it’s something that needs to be worked on consistently, day in and day out. 


Change your mindset, change your numbers. And watch them become sassy and sexy numbers.