3 Ways to Keep Your Physical Health in a Positive Balance

Today I am so excited to welcome Lindsay Hack to the blog!


She is my personal trainer and has been kicking my butt since September 2017 and has personally helped me change my life! I knew she was the right person for my journey when she told me it’s about having a transformation from the inside out. She is incredible at what she does and has so much knowledge when it comes to physical health and well-being. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without her and I am so grateful she agreed to share some of her wisdom with all of you today!


My transformation since working with Lindsay!


Being “healthy” seems very complicated these days. With buzz words like ‘Keto’ and ‘Intermittent Fasting’ and ‘Detox,’ we are often confused and overwhelmed with WHAT to actually do to start to become healthier and stay that way. I have been in the health and fitness industry for almost 20 years and while I LOVE it, I also struggle with it. The pushing of products (HGC pills, protein powders, creatine and more) and the feeling of “you are not worthy” unless you look a certain way has been messing with women (and men’s) mindset for decades. That is NOT healthy.


As we sort through the mass of information daily on Instagram, Facebook and more, I wanted to take a moment to chat about what healthy DOES look like.


Healthy is about consistency.

Healthy is about eating well.

Healthy is about moving your body.

Healthy is about a positive mindset.

Healthy is self-care.


Most people only see exercise and nutrition BUT in truth there are many pillars that focus on health.




Here are 3 ways to keep your Physical Health in a Positive Balance:


#1 Have a great MINDSET:

Develop a good opinion about yourself. This is super important and often over looked. When you are constantly surrounded by negative people, thoughts and situations, it is extremely hard to look at yourself and your health in a positive place. You may not be able to remove all negativity in your life, but focus on getting your ‘HAPPY on’ and staying as positive as possible. In order to do this, you can spend time in nature, remove friends who always make you feel bad about yourself and focus on areas that make you happy.



#2 Move your BODY:

I often hear “I don’t like running” or “I can’t stand going to the gym”. First of all, there are 100s of ways to get some movement in. Hiking, biking, CrossFit, water skiing, trampoline fun, fitness classes, personal training, kangaroo jumping, just to name a few. IF you do not like one thing, DON’T DO IT! You will not do it if you don’t like it. Find something else you do like and go after it. The reason I created the Online LIVE Interactive Group classes was I wanted people to feel comfortable and find the convenience of working out from home but have a fun, safe and motivating environment to do it in. If you haven’t tried a class, you should. They are awesome!



The people who are consistently exercising do not jump up and down with excitement every time. I do not jump out of bed every morning at 5am with glee to work out. That is a myth. (There are a few people who do generally love to workout, but the majority of us have to continue to motivate and convince ourselves every day!) What I do love about movement is how I feel afterwards. When you hit a goal you have been working on and you have that “AH HA” moment when you accomplish something you truly didn’t think you would. That is the good stuff.



#3 You have probably heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen!”:

This is absolutely 100% true. You can have an amazing mindset and fitness routine, but if you eat like crap, you will not see the full benefits. I am not saying you need to be perfect all the time but focusing on the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you eat well, drink lots of water, reduce alcohol and enjoy delicious healthy meals and 20% of the time, you indulge (what that looks like is UP to you. Some people its wine, others it’s cake, or chocolate). Enjoy it and do not feel guilty about it. When you plan this way, you can enjoy the balance without guilt or shame.



A few other really important steps in your health journey:

– Get enough sleep

– Reduce your stress

– Have fun

– Start small and work up from there


And finally ASK FOR HELP! We cannot do everything on our own. We get a hairdresser to cut our hair, a cleaner to clean the house, a babysitter to watch our kids, a tutor to help us learn. Can we do this all without the help? Of course BUT that doesn’t always mean we will be successful at it.


If you need accountability – ask for it.

If you need to know how to start – ask for it.

If you need to figure out your priorities – ask for it.


When Lisa and I first started working together almost 2 years ago, she was afraid to ask for the help. She sat in the shadows for a long time wanting to make some changes to her life but was not able to make the move on her own. When she finally did, she started with small changes. We did online personal training 1x/week and she wrote down what she ate. She didn’t change anything at first and we modified almost every exercise. Slowly as she got more comfortable, she focused on her food and water intake and she increased her workouts to 2x/week. She still had the stresses of motherhood, running a business and her home, but she made small CONSISTANT changes over time. We now work out 4x/week, she meal preps weekly, she drinks water and she has lost a ton of weight, inches and has gained confidence and strength. That is BALANCE. Is she perfect? No – no one is but progress over perfection every day!


You got this!!


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Lindsay is a mother of 2 young girls living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She is the owner of Evolve4You and co-owner of Sassy Evolution. Her goal has always been to show women that they can love themselves from the inside out through meals, movement and mindset and pass this very important role on to their children.
You can find Lindsay on Facebook, Instagram or send her an email:


Thank you Lindsay, for sharing your passion with us today and for all the encouragement and changes you have helped me with over the past two years! If you are thinking about making a change in your life, I highly recommend Lindsay!